Caitlin Clark

About Me

I am a Ph.D student and instructor at Colorado State University and a member of the Food Structure and Function Lab.

My current research focuses on the possible protective effects of the sourdough microbiome on gluten-mediated intestinal pathologies. Previously, I worked on chocolate fermentation and post-harvest processing techniques. I hope to build a career in the precision fermentation industry.

When I'm not in the lab, I engage in some freelance writing. I live with my partner in Northern Colorado, where we love to picnic along the Poudre and cook Moroccan food.

Sourdough Research

Sourdough Research

Chocolate Research

In which I keep track of publications and other media outputs.

In which I keep track of my occasional new ideas, track my ongoing research, and try to organize my thoughts on subjects that I often get questions about.

After working as a linguist in Spain for several years, I returned to my home state of Colorado to pursue graduate work in food science and fermentation. I quickly became enamored with the intricacies of cacao fermentation and processing. Having sought out opportunities to advance my knowledge of flavor chemistry and fermentation microbiology, I plan to combine these interests in my research.

My Masters research has investigated how to manipulate chocolate flavor during the melanging step. My PhD work has included a research project involving protein breakdown during the fermentation stage of cacao fermentation and it will conclude with a project studying the effect of cannabinoid compounds on gut membrane permeability.

In addition to research, I cook Moroccan food, bellydance, and take far too many pictures of my pet rabbit Benny.

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