Why the world needs another chocolate blog

It Doesn't.

The world most decidedly does not need another chocolate blog. Countless posts already exist on nearly every aspect of chocolate: how it's made, how to taste it, it's history and traditions, it's packaging, it's types and uses. However, I don't really want to write a chocolate blog; rather, I want to keep a research journal. True--my research is about chocolate, and so I will inevitably end up talking about chocolate here, and I will probably end up covering territory that has already been covered in other blogs. Where I hope my site will be different is in the following ways.

1. I am most interested in the chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology of chocolate processing. So far, I have not found another site that focuses specifically on these areas.

2. I am just a researcher keeping track of my research; I am not a business or a social media influencer, and I will find this blog a useful exercise even if no one else reads it.

3. On this blog I will be able to collate both my own data and the research of investigators whose work is similar to or relevant to my interests, in a direct or perhaps only an ancillary way. In this space I will be able to make explore connections and ideas that might be too tenuous to support in a paper or thesis, but which I feel are still worth noting and recording.

On the off-chance that someone else reads any of this, I might even be able to connect with someone else who is interested in the same things.